Chris Massey – Warehouse Wig Out


El Diablo’s Social Club head honcho has kindly recorded a mix ahead of the Not So Secret Warehouse Party series which is treating Manchester to a series of elusive parties with appearances from Greg Wilson, Hunee and Nightmares on Wax.

Zambon – Boiler Room Poznan DJ Set

I just discovered this set through a friend of mine. Raw, creative, vinyl, experimental with a lot of funkiness – the type of set that would keep me dancing all night. Really loving this one from Zambon. Special thanks Pinoz for sending this to me.

Oh and make sure you check out the Turkish track at minute 22. Amazing.


Catamaran – Selvy

The Pose – Jazxing

Diamentowa Kula – Radar

Untitled 3 – Jolly Jams

Back at the Jazz Dub – Zanzibar Channel

Untitled 1 – Hammam House

Raw Visions – No Zu

Sopot – The Phantom

Loft Version – Newborn Jr.

Acid Pauli – Robot Heart – Burning Man 2014

As my first Burning Man experience was coming to an end, I decided that maybe I should rest my ears (and legs) a bit and begin coming to terms with the fact that we were heading out. The sun had risen and I decided to jump on my bike and go for a ride around the Playa. I suddenly heard pulsating music from a distance. Curious, I started pedaling towards it and noticed it was coming from the Robot Heart bus. I had already spent some time there and wasn’t particularly keen on going again, however I decided to check it out for a few minutes. Acid Pauli had just begun his set and immediately I knew this was going to be something special. Deep, soulful desert vibes on a Sunday morning and a nice way to conclude a very special experience.

Riott – Noctivagant Alley Cats

Hello and welcome to my blog, Daily Tunage. If you’re into electronic, dance, and indie music then you’re in the right place. I love to DJ and am in constant search for unique frequencies. I believe that mixes and dj sets are a great way to tell a story and discover new music. Some provide a truly delightful experience from beginning to finish. So in that light, I will post handpicked mixes and sets and post them every day.

Here’s a set I recently did to kick things off. Experimental house music with funky, soulful vibes. Enjoy! – Riott


Genius of Time – Houston We Have a Problem
Skatebard – Confirmation Bias (Telephones Remix)
Vincenzo & Language – Merry Go Round (Axel Boman Mix)
Damiano von Erckert – Housem
Gold Panda – Community (Fort Romeau Remix)
Patrick Weblin – 0610
Volac – Baby